Our story
The questions of identity is a question we find ourselves asking all the time.Who are we? Where do we belong?Identity is nowadays a fluid concept.
Globalisation has made interaction between people belonging to different cultures a lot easier and frequent today.
Our nomadic lifestyles and frequent travels have enabled us to identify with different cultures, whereas, the opportunity to study and work in different countries has enabled us to consider more than one place our home. Home is nowhere and everywhere.Our identities today are not only a reflection of our country of origin but also a reflection of the places we travel to and the places we choose to reside in. Similarly, our influences are also a result of the varied experiences we have had by living in different places.Le FiI is the very manifestation of a multicultural idea, where two people from different cultural backgrounds decided to come together to create something special by sharing the skills and techniques they have acquired over the years.
The concept of merging distinct design elements from two different parts of the world that complement one another reflects our contemporary and modern designs.In order to execute our ideas, we had to stay true to our distinct design aesthetics and find a way to express ourselves by translating our creativity into our designs.
Our upcoming collections will be the creative manifestation of what we are inspired by, what we believe in, and what we have learned over the years. We believe that by remaining true to our aesthetics and by sharing our experiences through our designs, we will be able to contribute to the fashion world in a truly personal and unique way.


Our Vision
Le Fil came to life during difficult times, where thousands were losing their lives.We at Le Fil felt that it was necessary to be considerate and give back to the less fortunate who went through the dark times during this pandemic, and were left with nothing to survive.
We took the initiative to apply a zero-waste approach, so minimising fabric waste by using the leftover material to make custom-made buttons in different shapes and sizes.
Besides, donating the remaining fabric to women in rural areas of Sindh, Pakistan. There women are known to make “Sindhi Ralli”, a patchwork made from pieces of clothes cut into squares and triangles pieces and then stitched together. It is a way of recycling the fabric. The layers of material are stitched together. By selling these pieces women make a living and earn money from their hard work.Besides, we have decided to collaborate with these women to make limited pieces sold as part of our seasonal collections once a year. The money made will be donated to organisations both in Lebanon and Pakistan to fund and support women’s education.