Filza Marri

Hailing from Pakistan, Ms. Filza Marri shares the amazing experience of growing up in a multi-cultural environment. Quoting her own words “my mom has been my main inspiration and a perfect example of an elegant woman who taught me that fashion doesn’t only belong to the streets or in magazines, fashion belongs to you, it’s the version of your perception, it’s how you dress and talk to people and it is what defines you as a person”. Filza, whose mother was her muse from a very young age decided to pursue her career in Fashion.
She received her schooling and bachelor's degree in Fashion and design from Pakistan and later moved to Italy and then Paris for her Masters's degree from Instituto Marangoni, where she did MA Fashion Womenswear.
Right after her Masters's degree, she was offered work with Monsieur Stephane Rolland, a renowned Designer in the Fashion Industry.
Filza’s versatile experiences of working in two different continents and three countries reflect in her design process. Draping is how she likes to express herself. Her clothes are the canvas of her diverse thoughts, intriguing approach to design, and intrinsic aesthetic sense.



Lyn Abdel Rahman

Of Lebanese origin, I have spent my life in three different countries, raised in the UAE then went on to live in Lebanon to obtain a Bachelor’s in graphic design at the American University of Beirut. Paris has always fascinated me, for its rich history and luxury especially when it comes to fashion and design. Moving to Paris represented a fresh start as I embarked on a new journey. My ultimate desire was to take a step forward into the fashion world with all of its glory.
I obtained a Master’s degree in Fashion Design at Paris at Istituto Marangoni, and that’s where the idea of coming up with Le Fil was born.